IT Services

Among our customers we have everything from 1 person companies to larger companies in multiple geographic areas. They all have in common a need for storage of files and folders, tools for collaboration like email, calendar and contacts and securing of both files and network. 


We secure your network with firewalls and access rules to documents and services and give you and your staff the ability to safely access your files, folder or specific computers from home or while on vacation.


We offer a range of services when it comes to storage. We have services for 1-3 people with sharing and syncing specific folders on specifically configured computers or with web access from anywhere and with local storage servers at your geographic location.


We have a backup solution for companies with local servers. We take all data that has been modified and transport it over the internet and store it in our backup servers. This is a good last resort if you loose data due to accidents or foul play.

Collaboration Suit

We have a collaboration service that includes Email, Calendar and Contact both for personal use or sharing between co workers. All the information can be accessed both at the office, on the smart phone or through a very good web interface from any computer in the world.


We have a good support function for your business with both help on site or over the internet. We can control all servers and clients from our office to give our customers a fast and professional support service.